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ACE Festival Oral Presentation Guidelines

Read these guidelines and adhere to them carefully! Careful planning will not only enhance your own presentation, but will facilitate a rewarding experience for other presenters and for those attending your session.

Plan carefully, be on time, and be prepared!

Each presentation is limited to no more than 15 minutes in length. Presenters should arrive at their assigned venue at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the session, and are required to stay for the entire session. Presenters who do not arrive on time will not be re-scheduled. The time limit must be strictly observed. Presentations that exceed the limit will be ended; other presenters’ times will not be cut short. To maximize your available time without exceeding the limit, practice in advance is recommended.

Think smart about technology and sound

Venues are equipped with computers and projection equipment. The presentation software available will be Microsoft PowerPoint. Students are responsible to bring PowerPoint slides on their own flash drive. Do not bring a laptop. Keep your technology simple! Presentations will be on a tight schedule, and opportunity for testing technology ahead of time may not be available. Therefore, the use of any additional sound or video features must be limited to what can be stored on the flash drive and accessed without logging in to any student-specific account.

You may wish to stop by the venue sometime prior to the festival, to familiarize yourself with the space. A podium microphone will be used in SC106. No sound system will be used in the other venues.