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Licensure Procedure

As part of the final step in preparation for teaching, you must apply for licensure in the state of Virginia. Initial licensure is issued by the Virginia Department of Education in Richmond.

After you have completed the state approved program for teaching, the Director of Teacher Education will recommend you for initial licensure. This recommendation certifies that you have completed a state approved program and are qualified by character and temperament for the teaching profession. EMU takes the responsibility of recommending graduates for licensure seriously; therefore, the screening process actually occurs when you apply for admission to the teacher education program during the sophomore year.

Licensure is not automatic, but is acquired only when the student completes the proper application forms. These forms are available in EMU’s Education Department office. Since you are graduating from a Virginia Department of Education approved program, you are expected to apply for Virginia licensure. By so doing, you will establish a base for interstate reciprocity for becoming licensed in other states. A transcript from the Registrar’s Office must accompany all application forms for a teaching license. Accounts at the Business Office must be paid before transcripts are released from the Registrar’s Office.

By receiving a Virginia license, you will have reciprocity for licensure in many other states; however, you also need to apply for licensure in the state where you plan to teach. Information about teacher licensure in other states is available in the Teacher Education handbook and online. Please be aware that required teacher tests vary from state to state. It is possible that you will need to take additional tests to qualify for licensure in the state to which you are applying. Most states, including Virginia, require a fee for licensure which is the responsibility of the student. Addresses for all the states are listed in the Teacher Education or Student Teaching Handbook.

*Note that if you plan to apply for licensure in another state, your Praxis Core & Praxis Subject Assessment scores may need to be submitted directly to the state department of education as some states do not accept photocopies of the scores. You need to know this information when you register to take the Praxis Subject Assessment Test. A fee is charged if you send your scores after you have already taken the test.

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