About Our Preschool Program

What’s different about EMU’s preschool?

Children learn easily and naturally through involvement with people, activities and the environment.The Early Learning Center at EMU allows children to be children, exploring the world, developing in an unhurried way, and learning for the joy of learning.

The “emergent” curriculum used at the center is based on the developmental interaction theory of child psychology. It enables teachers to be sensitive to the cues of the children and their interests.

Developing and nurturing a personal sense of self is valued above rote learning of skills and facts.

What you’ll find in our classrooms

• Block and construction centers
• Creative art center
• Cooking projects
• Time for free play
• Woodworking center
• Science centers
• Dramatic play areas
• Sensory table
ELC graphic• Writing center
• Book and reading area
• Group time
• Small group activities
• Outdoor play
• Engaged teachers
EMU education majors
• Healthy and varied snacks
• Low teacher/student ratios

We attempt to balance the number of boys and girls in the program and to have a diverse group of children.

Teacher development

All ELC teachers stay current through course work, education association memberships and professional development.

Practicum students from the EMU education program, a highly respected teacher education program in the region and beyond, assist in the preschool program regularly.

Our mission statement

The education department at EMU bases its early childhood program on principles of child growth and development within a Christian context. We emphasize the growth of trust and independence and the development of a positive self-image in the children we serve.

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