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CJP Memorials

Remembering CJP AlumniWith profound admiration and gratitude, we honor the memory of our deceased alumni, committed peacebuilders who left indelible marks of justice, peace and love in this world.

Michael Bischoff, MA 2002

Roger W. Foster, MA 2012

Christa Pierpont, GC, 2007

Melissa Valerie Gardiner, MA, 2001 

Kumar Anuraj Jha, MA, 2007 

Charles Nyoike Ndegwa, MA, 2005

Dennis Otieno Oricho, MA, 2009

Mara J. Roberts,  MA, 2011

Doreen Jemutai Ruto, MA, 2006

Pamela S. Welsh, MA, 2010

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