Dennis Otieno Oricho

Dennis worked as the Ambassador of Peace Programme Coordinator in Kenya with the Jesuit Hakimani Centre (JHC). He was a prolific writer and published various articles in the academic Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution (JLCR) and Jesuits Social Promotion Iustitiae Journal.

Of his time at CJP, Dennis said that “I have realized that the wealth of experience and knowledge I gained in the CJP program was fantastic… The education acquired improved my understanding of real life and the power of dialogue to influence social change. The program had a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary feature, broadening my worldview, and learning the power of dialogue to influence social change.”

Dennis Otieno Oricho passed away on Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 of kidney failure at a hospital in Kenya. Dennis’ warm smile, sharp mind, and wonderful storytelling will be deeply missed.


Oricho, Dennis. (2009). “Understanding the traditional Council of Elders and restorative justice in conflict transformation”. Jesuit Hakimani Centre.

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