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Admission Checklist for First Years

Complete our online application

  • Determine the email address you will use for your EMU correspondence. Make sure it remains active – we’ll use it to get in touch!
  • Create a ZeeMee profile to highlight your unique experiences, talents, and interests. (optional)
  • Complete the online application.
  • Print copies of all application materials for your own records.

Submit your high school records

  • Arrange to take the SAT I or ACT examination (this is optional for Canadian students) and have your test results sent directly to EMU from:
    • the College Board (SAT EMU code: 5181)
    • the American College Testing (ACT EMU code: 4348)
  • Mail your official transcripts and official SAT I or ACT scores. If you have a GED, please send a copy of your certificate.
  • Request that any advanced placement exam scores be sent to EMU

Get transcripts for college or university transfer credit

  • Mail official transcripts from each college or university you have attended to EMU. Include any college-level courses taken while attending high school.
  • Complete the student life recommendation form if you have been a resident student at a college or university and have it sent to EMU.

Get your financial aid and scholarships!

  • Obtain the Free Application for Federal Student Aid from your school’s guidance office or local college financial aid office in December
  • Complete the FAFSA and submit it to the processing center by March 1, listing EMU as an institution to receive that information. EMU’s federal code is 003708.
  • Virginia residents: complete and return the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant by July 1 which will be mailed to you from EMU after January 1
  • Complete and return the church matching grant form by March 1 which will also be mailed to you after January 1.
  • You will be notified of your eligibility for financial assistance after receiving an offer of admission. For information on scholarships, check with your guidance office, visit our scholarship page or call your EMU admissions counselor at 1-800-368-2665.