Residence Hall and Meal Plan Policy

EMU housing policy

Eastern Mennonite University is a residential university - the majority of our undergraduate students live on campus. At EMU we believe that learning happens always and everywhere on the university campus, not only in the classroom. We believe that learning happens most transformatively in the context of relationships. Our on-campus residential community prioritizes learning that contributes to the overall mission and vision of EMU.

All full-time undergraduate students are required to live in campus housing for their first six semesters at EMU. We understand that sometimes there are circumstances that make it necessary to live off-campus. In order to request to live off-campus, you must  meet one of the following criteria:

  • You live with your parents or legal guardians within a 30-mile travel distance of EMU. 
  • You are at least 23 years old* by September 1 of the academic year for which off-campus housing is requested
  • You are married or you are a custodial parent. 
  • You have already lived on campus at EMU for six semesters. 

Off-Campus Housing Procedures:

Students who meet off-campus living criteria (above) and desire to request off-campus housing approval must submit a request for off-campus housing approval by June 1 for the following academic year. This can be done by logging into your student account at then selecting the housing tab from the top of the screen, and completing the annual housing form.

  • All full-time undergraduate students will be billed for on-campus housing until the Off-Campus Housing Application has been submitted AND the Housing Appeals Committee has approved the request.
  • Upon approval of the Off-Campus Housing request, the campus housing charge will be removed from the student’s bill.
  • Do NOT sign a lease or otherwise commit to any off-campus housing until your Off-Campus Housing Request has been reviewed and you have received a response from the Housing Appeals Committee. 


Meal plans

  • First Year and Second Year students living on campus are required to have Full Meal Plans.
  • Third Year students living on campus may opt  to have a 60-Block Meal Plan or the Full Meal Plan. 
  • Fourth Year and beyond students living on campus may opt out of a Meal Plan, or choose 60-Block Meal Plan or the Full Meal Plan.

*Student age and SEMESTERS LIVED ON CAMPUS is determined for the full academic year (not semester) as of September 1 of given year.

See Meal plan charges for more complete information.

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