Creating a Caring Community

Excited to get away from home and be out on your own? Sure! Not so excited about living with someone you’ve never met? Yeah, we know!

Life on a college campus can be thrilling, but it’s a big change. EMU will feel like home in a short time. Life here offers a chance to:

  • learn how to live in a caring community
  • build healthy relationships
  • engage in wholesome activities
  • take responsibility for your choices
  • and deepen your commitment to Christ and the church

Staff You Can Rely On

At EMU, you’ll find a campus community full of caring people working to create a space of welcome as you move from one home to another. Here’s our department’s mission statement:

Building and enhancing a campus residential community that is welcoming and supportive of all, and that enhances the dignity and well-being of each member.

In addition to a university-wide director and assistant director of residence life, each dorm has a residence director who lives within the dorm with their family, on hand to help in many ways. RDs are live-in, professional staff, sometimes enrolled in graduate programs. They provide counsel and opportunities to grow and learn, hold you accountable to community life standards and help you adjust to this new place.

In most residence halls, you’ll find them in the apartment located on the main floor of the residence hall. Learn more about our staff

Student Leaders Trained to Help

RDs work with several CAs or community advisors, upper-class para-professional student staff who have been through a rigorous selection and training process, equipping them to serve as peer counselors and facilitators. Each residence hall is divided into units with student CAs as leaders.

*If you are interested in serving as a CA , stop by the student life offices for an application form.

Many floors are also served by ministry assistants (MAs) or pastoral assistants (PAs), leading small group Bible studies and other fellowship activities in residence halls. These student leaders also plan and lead chapel services, organize sharing time in the residence halls, and more. Learn more about campus ministries

These student leaders are on each floor of each dorm, so there is always someone to turn to with questions or just to connect in friendship.

Living Together, Learning Together

EMU is a Christian residential college committed to the education of the whole person. Here students face the challenges of personal growth and group sharing as they respond to the invitation to understand and respect each other.

As students share, they learn about each other and grow emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Christian Environment

Do I have to be Mennonite to feel at home here? No! EMU’s undergraduate students are a mix of more than 30 different denominations, with Mennonites making up less than half. We share core values and together we worship, celebrate, challenge, encourage and inspire each other to grow in our relationship with God.

Opportunities for dialog, to reach out and connect with other students, are everywhere.

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