Community Advisors

Are you interested in bringing the EMU community together? Are you interested in developing your leadership skills? Want to work with a dynamic staff that is passionate about the growth of students? Are you someone who desires to see your residence hall be a community that encourages  well-being and  fosters relationships?

If you’ve answered yes to any the above, then we want to encourage you to learn more about being a Community Advisor at EMU. Being a CA is an opportunity to grow through good experiences and challenges, to be supported and lifted up, and to serve the hall you live with and lead. CA's foster communities of accountability, and create spaces for students from diverse backgrounds to come together and learn from each other. Every hall is different and desires a unique individual to lead it - everyone has gifts to bring! If you are interested in helping the EMU community grow together, we encourage you to fill out an application today!

A Community Advisor (CA) is a leader in the residence hall. Responsibilities of a CA include: 
a) Community Building 
b) Peer Support
c) Educational Programming
d) Leading by Example
e) Supporting Mutual Accountability
f) Administrative Responsibilities

Email if you would like more information. 

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