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Community Advisors

Community Advisors

Are you interested in testing your limits? Do you have something deep inside of you that you want to share with others? Are you a natural born leader or are you looking for a chance to try out your leadership skills and develop them? Want to work with a dynamic staff that is passionate to help you grow? Do you believe that living together can mean more than just sharing a space? Are you ready to weather a tough storm? Reap moments of joy? Are you someone who desires to see your Residence Hall be a WHOLE community that encourages growth and relationships?

If you’ve answered yes to the above, then we want to encourage you to learn more about being a Community Advisor in a Residence Hall. Being a CA is an opportunity to grow through good experiences and bad, to be supported and lifted up, and to serve the hall you live with and lead. Being a CA is about more than upholding rules, it is about creating space for students from all walks of life to come together and learn from each other. Every hall is different and desires a unique individual to lead it. A CA does not have a particular look, shape, smell or feel. YOU are a CA, we all are CA’s.

Community Advisors

A Community Advisor (CA) is a leader on the residence hall. Responsibilities of a CA include: 
a) Community Building 
b) Peer Counseling
c) Programming
d) Setting an example
e) Discipline
f) Administrative Responsibilities

For more information about Community Advisorsbecoming a CA, contact your Residence Director, Assistant Director of Housing Matthew Hunsberger (540-432-4671), or you can stop by the Student Life Suite office #235. Applications for 2018-19 are available online or in the Student life Suite.

There is also an informational meeting on Monday, December 4, 2017 at 7pm in University Commons 211/212.

Applications are due by Friday, February 12, 2018 in the Student Life Suite.