Housing Options

Housing Options

Residence halls

Launch Woods

Residence halls have double rooms, single rooms, and four-person adjoining rooms. Review our campus housing policy

Housing for Second Year Students 

Students who have less than 4 semesters lived on campus/eligible to live on campus have the option of either Cedarwood or Maplewood Residence Halls. 

  • Cedarwood:
    100+ students in 2- or 3-person rooms.

  • Maplewood:
    80+ students in 2-person rooms.

Housing for Third and Fourth Year Students 

Students with 4+ semesters lived on campus/eligible to live on campus  may choose to live in shared suites, apartments or theme housing. Cedarwood & Maplewood Residence Halls are also available. 

Small Group Living houses

Houses are available for students in four  6-8 person houses on-campus.

Gender Inclusive Housing

The gender-inclusive housing hall provides a physically and emotionally safe space for the LGBTQ+ population at EMU. This includes all those exploring gender transition, those living into non-binaried genders, and those who embrace the non-cis-hetero-normative identities that some in our student body carry. Gender inclusive housing allows for students to live together regardless of gender assigned at birth in an environment that is explicitly affirming of their dignity and belonging on our campus. This community will provide a supportive space for students to explore and learn about their own identity, while also building lasting relationships with others.

Anyone 18 and over may apply as long as they are explicitly comfortable living with people of ALL genders. This space is not intended as shared living for romantic couples, and living in the same space on any hall on campus with a significant other is strongly discouraged.

Questions about or interest in this housing option? Email housing@emu.edu 
Questions about the LGBTQ+ community at EMU? Email safespace@emu.edu 

Northlawn Pre-professional Floor

Northlawn 4th floor is aimed at Senior students (7th & 8th semesters) who are foremost looking for a community with similar academic interests.

The intention is to offer students a place to live which accodates a more professionally compatible schedule and energy, for example students who are anticipating or currently participating in:

  • teaching placements
  • nursing clinicals
  • internships

Although the target audience is Senior students who are working on their last requirements before graduation, other students not in placements can also apply, citing a need and desire for a focused academic living community.  Northlawn 4th floor is for all genders.


EMU apartments offer housing for married and older single students in a community setting convenient to campus. 

Features include:

  • A/C
  • laundry facilities within the building
  • major kitchen appliances
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