Housing and Residence Life

Housing Options

Residence halls

We require full-time, single students to live on campus and build social and life skills. In 2009 we opened our newest residence hall, the energy-efficient Cedarwood, and in 2010-11 completed major renovations of some of our existing halls. We’re committed to providing excellence in housing.

Residence halls have double rooms, single rooms, and four-person adjoining rooms. Review our campus housing policy

  • Elmwood: 88 men and women; double and single rooms; LEED Gold certified.
  • Maplewood: 86 men and women; double and single rooms; LEED Gold certified.
  • Northlawn: 190 men and women; single rooms, double rooms, adjoining rooms; campus dining hall on ground level.
  • Cedarwood: 60 men and 60 women; double occupancy rooms; some triple occupancy. LEED Gold certified.
  • Hillside Suites: 84 upper-class men and women in 25 2- or 4-person suites. Must be 20 years of age or older or be classified as a junior or senior. Application required.
  • Parkwood Apartments: 99 upper-class men and women in 30 2- or 4-person apartments. Must be 20 years of age or older or be classified as a junior or senior. Application required.

See a virtual tour of our Woods Dorm facilities.
And check out a virtual tour of Hillside suites as well.

Small Group Living

Houses are available for 14-30 students in two to four  6-8 person houses on-campus. Must be 20 years of age or older or be classified as a junior or senior. Application Required.

Northlawn Pre-professional Floor

Northlawn 4th floor is aimed at Senior students who are foremost looking for a community with similar academic interests. The intention is to create a space for students who are in student teaching placements, nursing clinicals, internships etc. who desire different sleeping times than the average residence hall tends to offer as easily. Although the target audience is Senior students who are working on their last requirements before graduation, other students not in placements can also apply, citing a need and desire for a focused academic living community.  Northlawn 4th floor is co-ed, with men on one side and women on the other. Please complete the Application.


EMU apartments offer housing for married and older single students in a community setting convenient to campus. Features include A/C, laundry facilities within the building, major kitchen appliances, etc. Contact Cheryl Montgomery, (540) 432-4662, for more info.