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Housing and Residence Life

Elmwood Residence Hall

Welcome to Elmwood!

A sneak peak at what your Elmwood room could look like!

Elmwood is certified at the Gold Level by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), one of the highest environmental standards for construction, providing an environmentally sound community space for occupants and visitors. A 2010 renovation ensured that built-in wall mods like wardrobe and dresser units are LEED-approved, constructed with non-toxic lacquers with low VOCs for optimum indoor air quality and safety.


More info about Elmwood

  • houses more than 85 women and men on separate floors or wings
  • mixture of first year and returning students
  • loft/bunk systems
  • tiled floors
  • lounges with TVs/cable
  • computer hook-ups and wireless internet access
  • kitchens on each floor
  • laundry facilities in basement
  • edible landscaping
  • 36″ × 80″ long mattresses

Types of rooms

Single rooms:

Single rooms are available on a limited basis as space allows. A charge is assessed for the benefit of a single room. (First year students will only be assigned to these in special circumstances agreed to by the director of housing and residence life.)

Double rooms:

Rooms designed for two persons. Students who do not request a roommate will be assigned a roommate.

Room specs/dimensions

Room size: 15’3" x 12’
Window size: 54 1/4″ × 63 1/4"