Student Life


August 24 New Students move into Residence Halls (8:30-11:30)

August 25 Returning students may move in to Hillside and Parkwoods (9am-2pm)

August 26 Remaining returning students may move in (2pm-5pm)

October 18-21 Mid-Semester Recess (Residence Halls stay open)

November 21-25 Thanksgiving Recess (Residence Halls stay open)

November 26 8pm in Main stage Theater: 2019-2020 Housing Informational Meeting

December 3 7pm in University Commons 211/212: 2019-20 CA (Community Advisor) Informational Meeting

December 7 CA applications due (for those going on a Spring 2019 Cross-cultural)

December 15 noon – Residence Halls close for Christmas Break (ID cards will not grant access to the Residence Halls)

January 8 9am - Residence Halls open for New Students for Spring Semester

January 8 12pm – Residence Halls re-open for Spring Semester

January 18 5pm – Off-campus housing requests due for the 2019-2020 school year.

January 18 5pm – 2019-20 Small Group Living  applications due

January 25 5pm – Remaining Returning CA applications due

February 8 5pm – 2019-20 Community Advisor applications due

February 12, 18 6-8pm, 4-6pm – Group Interviews for 2019-20 CA Candidates

February 19-22 2019-20 CA Interviews

February 25 5pm – 2019-20 Suite and Apartment applications due

February 25 5pm – 2019-20 Cedarwood Living Communities aplplications due

March 2 noon – Residence Halls close for Mid-Semester recess (ID cards will not grant access to the Residence Halls)

March 10 12pm – Residence Halls re-open

March 15 2019-20 Northlawn 4th, Pre-professional floor applications due.

Mid March Cedarwood Living Community and Suite/Apartment notification of placement

By March 20 2019-20 CA selections made. Letters will be sent in the next few days.

Early-mid April 2019-20 Room Selection in the Student Life Suite for anyone not already houserd

April 11 CA Spring Training for 2019-20 Residence Life Staff

May 3 6:00 PM – Residence Halls close for traditional halls unless you have been given permission from your Residence Director to stay for commencement

May 6 noon – All residents must be checked out of all residence halls, apartments, and suites.

Forms and Applications