Housing Contracts and Room Consolidation

Housing contracts

The Housing Contract is a binding contract for the full academic year. The resident agrees that he or she will live in University Residence halls for the specified academic year. Students are responsible for the terms and conditions of the contract as printed on the student’s copy. Questions concerning contract termination should be submitted to the Director of Campus Life.

Withdrawals: See the EMU Student Handbook for specific information from the Registrar.

Academic Suspension: See the EMU Student Handbook for specific information from the Registrar.

Contract Termination: A student whose contract is terminated for any reason (including enrollment termination, violation of housing contract terms, health or disciplinary reasons or reasons deemed sufficient by the Director of Campus Life) must check out properly from the Residence Hall (OR be billed for improper check-out) and vacate the residence hall within 24 hours and will not receive a refund.

Room consolidation policy

Room consolidation is a procedure through which the Campus Life office provides the maximum amount of space to students in the residence halls. The process affects students who live alone in a double occupancy room, which occurs when a roommate does not arrive or a roommate moves out of the room.

If your roommate does not arrive, do not fully unpack. You may need to relocate to another room or to another residence hall.

Students are required to either pay a single-room fee OR move into another student’s room (or to have another student move in with you). Campus Life staff members will work with you to help you make the decision with the other students involved. Room consolidation must be completed by the second week of the semester or, in the case of mid-semester changes, by the fifth day after your roommate has left.

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