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2017-18 Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Campus Charges Semester Year
Undergraduate Tuition (12-18 credit hours) $17,730 $35,460
Room and Board $5,500 $11,000
Activity Fee (non-refundable) $70 $140
General Services Fee (non-refundable) $100 $200
Total charges – Resident $23,400 $46,800

Other Charges  
Part time tuition and fees per credit hour (1-11 hours) $1,370
Tuition per credit hour (more than 18 hours) $810
Tuition – High School (per credit hour) $300
Activity fee (part time students, charge per credit hour, non-refundable) $6
General Services Fee (part time students, charge per credit hour, non-refundable) $12
Audit per credit hour $150
Student health insurance $2,341
Applied Music, class instruction (per credit hour) $150
Applied Music, private instruction (1 SH) $275
Applied Music, private instruction (2 SH) $400
Applied Music, chamber music $100
Physical education fees $25-200
Proficiency exam & external exam fee $90
Education dept. practicum / supervised teaching (per course) $20-90
Credit for off-campus studies (extension) $90
Miscellaneous credits (VS, Intermenno trainee) $90
Credit by examination (per credit hour) $90
Residence hall room reservation deposit $100
Graduation fee (one-year certificate) $25
Graduation fee (two- & four-year degrees) $75
Final exam taken out of schedule $35
Summer School (2017-18 academic year)  
Undergraduate tuition (per credit hour) $395
Audit (per credit hour) $100

Published charge rates may be adjusted for changes in economic conditions and cost factors. This list continues on the general charges and payment information page.

Refund Policy

Students who withdraw, drop out, are dismissed, or otherwise cease enrollment prior to completing 60% of the semester or mini-term equivalent shall receive a refund equal to the percentage of the term remaining. Students who withdraw prior to the first day of classes shall receive a full refund of all payments except tuition deposits.

Aid recipients who change their course registration after the beginning of each semester must notify the financial assistance office. Enrollment status is very important to aid eligibility. Students who withdraw must also notify the financial assistance office. Financial aid refunds due to withdrawal are calculated using the percentage of term not completed as mandated by federal aid regulations. More information about aid adjustments and refunds related to changes in enrollment status may be obtained from the Financial Assistance Office and is also included in the undergraduate Student Handbook.