MS in Biomedicine and MA in Healthcare Management (HCM) degree

Our Master of Science in Biomedicine and Master of Arts in Healthcare Management (HCM) dual degree program challenges students to take courses broadly from several disciplines. Not only will you take courses to prepare you for a fast-paced and ever-evolving healthcare landscape, but you will also be introduced to concepts around infectious diseases, bioethics, and healthcare management in a cross-cultural setting. A Master’s in Healthcare Management from EMU provides students with the relevant business skills for effective decision making and ethical leadership to improve the quality of healthcare in hospitals, insurance and managed care companies, pharmaceuticals, public health organizations, biotech firms, and a variety of health care settings.

In addition to the Biomed courses (48 SH), the dual degree would require an additional 25 SH of the MA in HCM courses.

  • The degrees are not typically pursued concurrently. 
  • Students complete the full-time Biomedicine degree and then begin work on the MA in HCM coursework. 
  • Students may begin taking courses in the HCM track during their second year in the Biomedicine program. 
  • An additional 3 SH could be substituted for 2 SH of Bioinformatics if the student took that as part of the MS in Biomedicine.
Additional HCM Courses
Fall OLS 515 Introduction to Leadership Studies 3
Fall NURS 503 Practice Skills for Conflict Transformation 3

OLS 530 Organizational Behavior or NURS 628 Systems Approach to Organizational Behavior

Spring NURS 515 The Healthcare Delivery System 3
Spring OLS 540 Managerial Financial and Accounting I 3

NURS 620 Safety, Risk Reduction, and Quality Care (4) - Has a pre-req that can be waived or addressed via an alternate assignment


Take an HRM course (will be options) or NURS 626 Managing in a Complex Health Care Environment

Summer NURS 512 Knowledge Development: Epidemiology and Informatics 3

Admission Requirements for the Dual MS in Biomedicine/MA in Healthcare Management (HCM) degree

  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with a minimal undergraduate grade point average of 2.50.
  • MCAT or GRE or equivalent entrance exam
  • Prerequisite coursework (8 courses, 32 hours total):
    • Two general biology courses with laboratories (8 SH)
    • Two general chemistry courses with laboratories (8 SH)
    • Two organic chemistry courses with laboratories (8 SH)
    • Two physics courses with laboratories (8 SH)
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