Concentration in Health Services Administration

Health care services and health care management are among the strongest employment fields in the Shenandoah Valley, as well as nationally. Retiring baby boomers and the rising average age indicate an increased demand for health care and retirement services. The growing demand calls for innovative leadership in health services administration in all sectors of health care. Future leaders face challenges of meeting an organizations goals and providing adequate services.

The Health Service Administration concentration supports innovative delivery of services across a broad spectrum of health providers from church-related organizations to community-based organizations. The program serves practicing health care providers who desire to earn a graduate degree. Please see the section on Curriculum for information about specific course offerings.

General Curriculum

The program (36 credit hours) takes two years, usually in 24 consecutive months, including a three credit hour capstone course in the final semester. The accelerated format assumes students spend more time on coursework out of class than in a traditional delivery format.

Students are expected to take the courses in the order outlined below. Any deviation from this schedule must be approved by the MBA program director.

NOTE: Course requirements and order may change as the program evolves. Students are accountable to the sequence of course work under the catalog in which they entered the program and as updated from time to time on the MBA website. Should program courses change and the student desire to replace an old requirement with a new one, he/she must petition the directors for the change to occur.

Prerequisites (8 SH)

Students are expected to complete the following prerequisites as a condition for admission to the EMU MBA program:

MBA with Concentration in Health Services Administration (36 SH)

*alternating year courses

Students may petition the co-directors to replace up to four semester hours of required courses with electives. The director will base the decision to grant the student’s request on their professional experience and interests.


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