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Deposits and Financial Information

Each student participating in an intercultural program must make an advance deposit as follows:

Fall Semester Programs: $500 due on March 15
Spring Semester Programs: $500 due on September 15
Summer Seminars: $250 due on December 10

Pay your deposit online

Payment for the cross-cultural must be received prior to departure. All payments are made to the EMU Business Office. A student who withdraws for any reason will be responsible to pay a $50 cancellation fee, plus any nonrefundable charges that have already been incurred on the student’s behalf. Examples are airline ticket change or cancellation fee, lodging reservations, etc. The deposit is non-refundable if a student withdraws less than 90 days before the program begins.

Students pay tuition, room and board, and a travel fee for all semester intercultural programs. Fees for each program are listed on the program information page. Summer seminars have one fee which includes tuition, room and board, and travel costs.

Information on scholarship opportunities for qualified students may be found on the scholarships page.

For questions regarding financial aid, contact the Financial Assistance Office. Summer students are eligible for summer loans when enrolled in courses totalling 6 SH or more. 

Access to personal funds while traveling is managed by the individual student. Traveler’s Cheques are no longer accepted in most parts of the world, and are not recommended. A limited amount of cash can safely be carried, and should be in currency less than 10 years old. Students find easy access to ATM’s in the majority of our travel destinations, to use a debit or credit card. Faculty leaders will provide country-specific instructions where there are unique circumstances.

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