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Tuition and Fees for US Residents

Tuition for full-time study:  $2,195 per semester

Tuition for part-time study: 

  • $470 for Grammar
  • $470 for Listening, Speaking, and Vocabulary
  • $470 for Integrated Skills
  • $840 for Reading, Writing and Research

Tuition covers classes and textbooks.

A non-refundable $250 deposit is due to the Business Office before assessment day. The $250 will go toward your tuition. 

Dormitory: EMU Residence Halls (optional)

Refund Policy

Students must pay a non-refundable $250 deposit in order to register for classes.

After one week from the first day of classes, students may receive a prorated refund if they drop classes before the 2/3 mark of the semester. To receive this refund, students must:

  • Have a legitimate health issue or family care responsibility that cannot be changed and directly conflicts with class attendance (conflicts with non-IEP classes or work schedules do not count)
  • Provide official documentation of attendance conflict
  • Have already paid their tuition for the semester
  • Pay an additional late-drop fee of 20% of class tuition per dropped class (which will be deducted from tuition already paid)

 If students have not paid their tuition at the time they drop classes, they still must pay for the classes they have enrolled in to that point plus the 20% late-drop fee per class.

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