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ACE Festival 2020 virtual poster show

We offer a virtual poster display of some posters that were able to be completed despite disruptions caused by the COVID-19 virus. Click on the titles below to view the posters in PDF format.


Madeline Mast and Julia Halterman

Use of saliva-based qPCR diagnostics for the accurate, rapid, and inexpensive detection of strep throat

Nidhi Vinod and Brinton Domangue

Vascular Flora of the Bergton and Criders Communities in Rockingham County, Virginia

Hispanic Studies

Emilio Ramirez Fajardo

The Taino Diet: Delicacies from a Lost Paradise

Spanish version
English version

Jonathan Nielsen

El maíz: Comida, cultura, poder

Spanish version
English version


Austin Carroll

The Affective Valence of News Events Shapes Predictions

Olivia Dalke

Scales Of Justice: An Inquiry into Power and Anchoring

Caroline Gehman

Effect of Nature on College Student Productivity

Abbi Hawkins

Influences on Generosity: The Effects of Internal and External Influences on Generosity

Kate Kauffman

Knowing our limits: The relationship between help-seeking behavior and metacognition

Andy King

The Effect of Binaural Beats on Age-Related Memory Deficits

Jenna Lile

Patient Perceived Function During Activities of Daily Living

Shaylla Oswald

The Effect of Goal Setting & Behavior Adaptation on Self-Regulation

Andrew Peltier

Exploring the Effects of Violent Video Games on Empathy

Anna Ressler

Wait, What Changed? Investigating Familiarity’s Role in Choice Blindness

Phoebe Swe

Cross-Cultural Study of Comfort Food on Loneliness

Leah Wenger

More than sound: The effects of music as a cue for autobiographical memory













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