RJE Graduate Certificate

This graduate certificate is awarded through the master of arts in education program as internal recognition for having obtained a focused area of coursework in restorative justice in education. Practitioners may complete 15 semester hours of course work for the certificate only, or as part of their MA in Education degree.

To qualify for the graduate certificate in restorative justice in education, candidates must complete twelve required semester hours (SH) and three elective semester hours from the following courses.


EDCC 521 Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation (3 hrs.)
EDRJ 551 Foundations of Restorative Justice in Education (3)
EDRJ 621 Restorative Discipline: Accountability and Restoration in Schools (3)
EDRJ 601 Facilitating Circle Processes (3)


Three hours of elective courses are to be taken from the following CJP (PAX) or Education (ED) courses.
EDCC 501 Creating Cultures of Change (3)
EDCC 531 Social and Ethical Issues in Education (3)
EDCI 511 Teaming and Collaboration (3)
EDCI 541 Supporting Positive Classroom Behaviors (3)
EDDA 501 At-Risk Issues in School and Community (3)
EDDA 511 Teaching Diverse Learners (3)
EDDA 631 Research in Risk and Resiliency (3)
EDRJ 581 Analyzing Conflict in Educational Settings (3)
PAX 540 STAR: Strategies for Trauma Awareness & Resilience (3)
PAX 571 Restorative Justice (3)
PAX 615 Leading Organizational Change (3) (has pre-reqs)
MOL 600 Developing Healthy Organizations: Team Building & Collaboration (3)

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