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Our biggest resource is our trainings. See the schedule for upcoming training.

Printable STAR Models

STAR Handouts

STAR COVID-19 Resources

At this time, STAR has developed a few visuals and short videos with past STAR participants to acknowledge diverse responses to trauma and strategies for building resilience. We are also working to create online modules to make STAR training accessible in new ways.

Resources about Gender-based Violence and Trauma

Resources about Historical Harms and Trauma

Articles about STAR

STAR Books

  • The Little Book of Trauma Healing by Carolyn Yoder – An overview of invidual and collective trauma, common responses to trauma, and how to break the cycles of unhealed, unaddressed trauma. For everyone who works with trauma, whether the everyday variety, or with those affected by terrorism, tsunamis, current conflicts or historical wounds.

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Become a STAR Practitioner (currently not available)

Admission Criteria

  • Completion of Level I and II trainings

Application Requirements

  • Contact our office to notify us that you wish to become a STAR Practitioner and submit payment of fees
  • Agree and sign the Memo of Understanding (MOU) we provide to you

Equips participants to:

  • Provide presentations and workshops of up to two days based on the STAR content

Support and benefits from STAR/EMU include:

  • A research-supported curriculum developed over a 12 year period
  • Provided with a set of 20-25 PowerPoint Slides, including Village STAR and the 3-Part Snail Model
  • Access to the Learning Community, a Moodle web forum that provides notification of STAR content updates and new materials, STAR E-zines for your mailing list, discussion board, and the STARpostcard

Fee for Practitioner Status:

  • $249 initial fee (Includes processing and the support and benefits listed above)

Please submit any questions to

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