STAR Trainers

Katie Mansfield, STAR Lead Trainer

Katie Mansfield, PhD

Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia (US)  

Languages: English, Swahili 

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Ram Bhagat, STAR Trainer

Ram Bhagat, EdD, RYT200

Drums No Guns, Artistic Director;
Location: Richmond, Virginia;
Language: English and Drumming

Elaine Zook Barge

Elaine Zook Barge, MA

Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia (US)
Languages: English, Spanish

Matthew Bucher

Matthew Bucher, MDiv, MA

Pastor, Immanuel Mennonite Church
Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia (US)
Language: English

Ayman Kerols

Ayman Kerols, MA, GC

Location: Cairo, Egypt
Languages: English, Arabic 

Meenakshi Chhabra

Meenakshi Chhabra, PhD

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences, Lesley University
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Languages: English, Hindi, Urdu (spoken)

Angela Dickey

Angela R. Dickey, MA, MS

Foreign Affairs, Peacebuilding, and Cross-Cultural Communications Consultant and Trainer
Location: Arlington, Virginia
Language: English

David Anderson Hooker

David Anderson Hooker, JD, MDiv

Location: Atlanta, Georgia (US)
Languages: English

Vernon Jantzi

Vernon Jantzi, PhD

CJP Co-Founder
Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia (US)
Languages: English, Spanish

Najla Elmangoush

Najla Elmangoush

Schooler and practitioner in conflict analysis and resolution, area: restorative justice , mediation and negotiation
Location: Alexandria, Virginia (US)
Languages: Arabic and English. 

Donna Minter

Donna Minter, PhD

Licensed Psychologist – Executive Director, Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota (US)
Languages: English

Kajungu Mturi

Kajungu Mturi

Swahili Home School Liaison: Harrisonburg City Public School
Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia
Languages: English and Swahili

Shiphrah Mutungi

Shiphrah Akandiinda Mutungi, MA

Location: East Africa;
Language: English

Daria Nashat

Daria Nashat, MA

Nashat Consulting, LLC
Location: Belgium
Languages: English, German, Dutch

David M. Nyiringabo, MA, STAR Trainer

David M. Nyiringabo, MA

Adjunct Faculty at EMU and Business Development Manager at WV U.S.
Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia & Washington, D.C. USA
Languages: Swahili, French and English

Heather Peters

Heather Peters, MA

Peacebuilding Coordinator for MCC Saskatchewan
Location: Saskatoon, SK Canada
Language: English

Beverly Prestwood Taylor

Beverly Prestwood-Taylor, DMin, MDiv

Executive Director, Brookfield Institute
Location: Brookfield, Massachusetts
Languages: English

Annette Lantz Simmons

Annette Lantz-Simmons, MA

Director, Center for Conflict Resolution
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Language: English

Crixell Shell

Crixell Shell (she/her), MS

Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute Assistant Executive Director
Peacebuilding Trainer
Coming to the Table Racial Talking Circle Facilitator 
Location:  Minneapolis, MN
Languages: English

Elizabeth Snyder

S. Elizabeth Snyder, PhD

Founding Director, Applied Culture Group
Location: Asheville, NC (US) and Japan
Languages: English, German

Luzdy Stucky

Luzdy Stucky

Associate for Migration and Peacebuilding, MCC West Coast
Location: Tucson, Arizona (US)
Languages: English, Spanish

Pablo Stucky

Pablo Stucky, PhD

Coordinator of CEAS (Church Coordination for Psychosocial Action) and Program Coordinator for Justapaz (Christian Center for Justice, Peace and Nonviolent Action)
Location: Colombia
Languages: English, Spanish

Carolyn Yoder

Carolyn Yoder, MA, LMFT, LPC, NCC

Founding STAR Director
Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia (US)
Languages: English

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