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Trauma Resources

STAR Toolkit, Printable Resources

Traumatic stress can result when we experience or witness an event involving actual or threatened death, serious injury, or threat to the physical integrity of ourselves or others. Our usual ability to cope with, or respond to threat is overwhelmed. This can happen at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Daily routine and the sense of safety and security are destroyed along with the more visible destruction of homes, lives, and jobs.

Resilience is the capacity humans have to adapt, survive, and bounce back during or after hardship and adversity. Resilience comes from a mix of individual characteristics, grace, and social support. Although people impacted by trauma display amazing resilience, they still can benefit from a listening ear and helping hand.

The STAR Toolkit is for people who plan to work in areas affected by traumatic events including natural or manmade disasters. Several of the links contain information on response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita but the information is useful for any natural disaster. These resources help you prepare to work with and talk to those who have experienced trauma. Since experiencing a traumatic event can revitalize old wounds, the work you do will include listening to stories about earlier times in addition to the current situation.

Specific strategies that come from a variety of people who have experience working with trauma are provided below. Below are links to detailed information about what trauma looks like; what to expect; and how to respond in healing ways. Dealing with traumatic situations requires tremendous personal energy, so information on how to take care of yourself is also included.

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