Costs for SPI

Estimated Costs for SPI 2019

Costs Payable to Summer Peacebuilding Institute

Training Fee:
7-day course $1,470


5-day course $1,100

                                                                                                                         3-day course $550


Academic Tuition Fee (MA level):
3 credit hour course $2,335


($735/credit hour)
2 credit hour course $1,600


  • Participants pay either training or academic tuition fee.
  • Fee includes $130 per course to cover special supplies, guest speakers, coffee breaks, etc. (Cost is $30 for three-day training workshops)
  • A $50 non-refundable application fee is due at the time you apply and is required as part of a complete application to be considered for admission. See here for more information.
Lodging: (per course fee, Includes weekday noon meal)

Shared bedroom
7-day course (up to 10 nights) $560
5-day course (up to 6 nights) $340
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   3-day course (up to 4 nights) $225


Single bedroom
7-day course (up to 10 nights) $660


5-day course (up to 6 nights) $400

                                                                                             3-day course (up to 4 nights) $265
Additional nights are $55 for shared room and $65 for single room.


$40-$220 one way

Read more about travel-related costs for specific transportation costs.
Health Insurance:

SPI participants are required to have health insurance that is valid in the U.S. The cost of purchasing health insurance through SPI is $35 per session.
Read more about health insurance for more information.


Personal Funds Needed by Participants


Food: (estimated)
$12 per day

Costs will be higher if not living on campus and receiving weekday lunch meal.
Books: (estimated)

$50 per course
$150 per course

Non-credit participants (optional)
For-credit participants

Please account for other costs you may incur, such as visa and courier fees, gifts, entertainment, etc.


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