Costs for SPI

Estimated Costs for SPI 2022

Costs Payable to Summer Peacebuilding Institute

Online Training Courses in February
Training Fee - $850

Note: February courses are for training only. No academic credit available.

In-Person Courses in May and June

Training Fee*

7-day course - $1,620
5-day course - $1,130

Academic Tuition Fee (MA level)

3-credit course - $2,463
2-credit course - $1,692

  • Participants pay either training or academic tuition fee.
  • Fee includes $150 per course to cover course readers, special supplies, guest speakers, coffee breaks, snacks, etc.
Lodging (per course fee, includes weekday noon meal)

Single bedroom in shared suite β

7-day course (up to 10 nights) - $550
5-day course (up to 6 nights) - $330

Additional nights are $55

Varies by arrival/departure point - $40-220 each way
Personal funds needed by participants for in-person courses (estimated)
In addition to fees due to SPI, participants need personal money not included on their invoice for meals, books, health insurance, visa fees, local travel, gifts, etc.
Training - $250 - $350 per session
Academic credit - $350 - $450 per session

β Due to COVID, all participants will be lodged in single bedrooms in suites that will share bathroom, kitchen, and living room space with one to three other individuals.

Weekday noon meal provided with lodging. All other meals are the participants’ responsibility. All lodging has in-suite cooking area.

Books are optional for most training courses.

International SPI participants are required to have health insurance that is valid in the U.S. SPI health insurance fees are currently being negotiated.  Please contact our office for more information.

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