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Alison Yoder Kelley '06
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Alison Yoder Kelley '06

Alison Yoder Kelley uses her social work and law degrees to advocate for fair housing in New York City.

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Learn to advocate for others as a social work major at EMU. Social Workers promote quality of life in every stage of the life cycle. You will work in the context of families, organizations, and communities through providing counseling services, case management, and social justice advocacy.

Social work emphasizes relationships, service to others, and peacebuilding, locally, nationally and globally. By integrating counseling skill development, human behavior theory, policy advocacy work, interdisciplinary and experiential learning,  we prepare you for employment in professional social work practice and social change. The major embodies EMU’s mission to “serve compassionately and walk boldly in the way of nonviolence and peace.”

EMU’s social work program has been accredited by the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) continuously since 1976.

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