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Commencement 2020

We are proud of our 13 graduates of 2020. 

Adam Shultz

Adam Schultz, MDiv

"Each week, I come out of my classes with something practical that is incorporated into my ministry, is helpful for something I am teaching, or guides me in the leadership of our congregation." 

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 Alanna McGuinn

Alanna McGuinn, MACL

"EMS has strengthened my call by equipping me to be a more effective pastor. I will long remember my classes, the friends I made; and the very qualified instructors I have had the opportunity to have had."

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David Gaylor

David Gaylor, MDiv

"Seminary definitely stretched and challenged me. By entering with an open mind and realizing that I didn't know everything but had much to learn made me teachable."

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David Gochnauer

David Gochnauer, MACL

David is a pastor in Lancaster Mennonite Conference.

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John Kenney

John Kenney, MDiv

"I also have greatly appreciated the wide array of people, both students, and professors, who have encouraged and challenged me along the way."

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Karyn Nancarvis

Karyn Nancarvis

"I have grown exponentially both spiritually and academically through my seminary journey at Eastern Mennonite seminary. I enjoyed the open discussion learning and one-on-one connections with both peers and professors."

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Larry Friedland

Larry Friedland, MDiv

"I am very interested in crisis ministry. The interactions when people are sad and scared and can be touched by the power of G-d is very important to me."

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Nathanael Ressler

Nathanael Ressler, MDiv

"Seminary has been formational almost beyond words. My understanding of myself, Scripture, and the Church have grown profoundly."

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Ryan Scarberry

Ryan Scarberry, MACL

"My time at EMS offered me a renewed sense of call, further discernment in ministry, and many new resources and perspectives that will shape my ministry."

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Thobekile Ncube

Thobekile Ncube, MACL

"I appreciate the fact that my side of study is well balanced with what I am passionate about in ministry – the biblical and peacebuilding courses. Thankful for the tools I obtained at EMS."

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Virginia Rae

Virginia Rae, MDiv

"If I was to describe my heart's desire, it would simply be "Love God, Love People, Love Creation" wherever I find myself. If I Love, healing will follow."

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Graduates not pictured: Joseph Ropp,  MACL; Nathan Epling, MDiv

Special notes for seminary graduates

  • All graduates are assessed a $75 graduation fee
  • Diplomas cannot be released until all academic requirements have been met and the student account has a zero balance
  • If you are not able to attend commencement, please contact the Seminary Dean’s Office two weeks prior to the event

Address Changes

A Seminary Graduate Information Form will be distributed near the end of the academic year. You will be asked to enter the address at which you can be reached after you graduate. Please fill in as much as you are able at the time.

All alumni are highly encouraged to let the alumni office know of any change of address whenever they move thereafter, by emailing or calling (540) 432-4294.

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