New Bike Path on Park Road

Campus bikersAs of fall 2010, there is a new bike path along Park Road through the center of campus. The lane runs from the corner of Mount Clinton Pike south of campus to Dogwood Drive at the north end of the University Commons parking lot.

Parking is prohibited along Park Road in the bike lane. Street parking remains next to the tennis courts and baseball field.

This bike lane was installed by Harrisonburg City over the summer to make our campus more bike friendly.

Tickets will be issued

Beware: Harrisonburg City authorities will enforce the new “No parking” zone along the bike path by issuing parking tickets!

EMU had hoped for leniency in the first weeks after students return to campus, particularly on days when students are moving into residence halls. However, EMU cannot take responsibility for tickets issued; tickets will be issued by the City and the ticket will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Due to construction, parking is also limited this fall in the University Commons lot directly in front of the building.

Plenty of free, underutilized EMU parking is available in two key places:

  1. In the gravel lot near the Seminary between Smith Street and College Avenue (you may have seen trailers parked there)
  2. The large, rarely full, lot north of University Commons (across from the basketball courts)

See this map and click on “parking” under the “Display” menu on the bottom left of the page.

Significant change

The addition of the bike path and changes to parking present a significant cultural shift for campus. It will likely feel like an inconvenience to people who were accustomed to parking directly in front of the Science Center and residence halls. It may take some time to become accustomed to new parking and traffic patterns. We hope the short walk from parking lot to buildings will become a healthy part of your routine in a short time.