Peacebuilding on Campus

An emphasis on peacebuilding is part of life at EMU, a core value evident in the classroom, in spiritual life, in informal interactions and extra-curriculars.

At EMU, you’ll interact with people from many faith traditions and cultural backgrounds. In addition to international students, you’ll have classmates who grew up in other cultures (as “missionary” or “third culture” kids) and are tuned in to the complexities of relationships between cultures and people.

Professors, many of whom have lived and worked internationally, will encourage you to think critically while respectfully engaging “the other.” You’ll be challenged to consider creative approaches to solving conflict and working for justice.

Be Part of Things

At chapel and convocation events, you will hear from visiting scholars, international service volunteers, and alumni working locally and globally for social justice issues.

“Talk-backs” afterward provide time for students to ask questions and get to know speakers, such as Leymah Gbowee, a peacebuilding graduate student who helped end the Liberian civil war. She won the Nobel Peace Prize and now heads Women Peace and Security Network Africa.

Student clubs like Peace Fellowship raise awareness about social justice and peace issues. Become a member and lead events that focus on refugees in Darfur, investment issues in Israel, or other justice issues you’re passionate about. Join Earthkeepers and be part of a student group working to build peace with Creation, another emphasis at EMU.

Or help classmates organize and host the Intercollegiate Peace Fellowship Conference, welcoming dozens of undergrad peacebuilders from sister colleges for a weekend of seminars on issues like promoting peace locally.

Learn From Peacebuilders in the Field

Stay on campus through June to help with EMU’s Summer Peacebuilding Institute. You’ll meet dozens of active peacebuilders from all over the world who come for training, respite and networking with other peace practitioners.

EMU’s Center for Interfaith Engagement focuses on interfaith dialogue and organizes an Interfaith Peace Camp for area children each June. Student interns help out, working with local Christian, Muslim and Jewish children, and learn about shared core values in all three faith traditions.

Consider the World Beyond Campus

As an undergraduate student, you’ll participate in intercultural study in places like Spain, Israel and Palestine, and China. Students say interculturals are life-changing.

The international peace pole on the campus quad reads “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in 18 different languages, like Swahili and Hebrew, either spoken by students at EMU or studied during intercultural. Over 30% of the class of 2014 is multicultural or ethnic in background.

Where will you prepare to make a difference in the world?

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