CJP: A Look Back At 2019-20

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September 2019

Talibah Aquil MA ’19 and Zoe Parakuo ’16 performing “Ghana, remember me …”
  • A class of 22 new graduate students begin their first semester of studies.
  • The new graduate students participate in CJP’s Grounding Day: an opportunity to begin to ground students in the history and current social, political, economic and environmental justice realities in Harrisonburg.
  • Fidele Ayu Lumeya MA ’00 returns to the Democratic Republic of Congo to direct the Congo Ubuntu Peacebuilding Center.
  • Talibah Aquil MA ’19 performs “Ghana, remember me…,” a multimedia production that sprung from her 2019 travels in Ghana as part of her capstone project on the themes of identity, race, trauma and healing.
  • Twenty-one participants join STAR 1 on campus with Lead Trainer Katie Mansfield and Ayman Kerols MA ’16.

October 2019

John E. Sharp, Tammy Krause MA ’99 and Darsheel Kaur MA ’17 were featured speakers during a special “CJP at 25” TenTalks during EMU’s Homecoming and Family Weekend.

November 2019

Alena Yoder (left), program development associate, and Professor Emeritus Vernon Jantzi are pictured here in Mexico City with Elvia González del Pliego and Gloria Escobar with the host organization University Iberoamericana, and Carmen Magallón of WILPF-España. (Courtesy photo)
  • CJP co-sponsors a conference in Mexico City on the intersection of gender and peacebuilding: “Construcción de Paz con Perspectiva de Género” at the University Iberoamericana, a Jesuit-affiliated institution. Alena Yoder, CJP’s program development associate, was a panel moderator. Vernon Jantzi, emeritus professor, and Jayne Docherty, CJP executive director, presented papers. 
  • STAR trainers facilitate a workshop for the Grand Canyon National Park’s Public Lands for all Inclusion Summit to explore principles of restorative justice, trauma awareness, resilience, and truth and reconciliation and how those principles might be applied in the organizations and the workplaces. Read about STAR’s ongoing relationship with the National Park Service.
  • Kajungu Mturi MA ‘18 facilitates a day of trauma and resilience training for EMU’s Intensive English Program staff and instructors.
  • Gilberto Pérez Jr. ’94 GC ’99, vice president for student life at Goshen College, wins his bid for a city council seat in Goshen, Indiana. He will be the first Latino council member in a city that is 33-34% Latino.
  • A Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice webinar features multiple speakers on engaging communities of faith in promoting restorative justice, along with specific avenues and resources for collaborating with Catholic parishes and ministries.
  • Eighteen people participate in STAR 2 with Katie Mansfield and Lisa Collins.

December 2019

David Nyiringabo ’20 and Dawn Curtis-Thames ’20.

January 2020

Professor Emeritus Barry Hart was the first featured guest of the Peacebuilder podcast.

February 2020

Guest speaker Chief Kenneth Branham of the Monacan Nation at 2020 SPI Community in Martin Chapel.
  • The fifth annual SPI Community Day welcomes about 100 participants to get a taste of Summer Peacebuilding Institute classes and hear from speakers on racial justice, including Chief Kenneth Branham of the Monacan nation and Frank Dukes, a professor at the University of Virginia.
  • Professor Emeritus Barry Hart is the keynote speaker at a seminar organized by Initiatives of Change Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka, discussing the role restorative justice could play in restoring and healing wounded people to create a more just society.
  • The Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice hosts a webinar on Equal Justice USA’s approach to the relationship between community and police in Newark, N.J., and how trauma-informed responses to violence that are community-driven can reduce harm for those most vulnerable and marginalized.
  • Ten people join Kajungu Mturi MA ‘18 and Katie Mansfield at a STAR 1 training on campus.
  • Katie Mansfield presents on a panel titled “Healing and Resilience: Taking a trauma-informed approach to delivering assistance” sponsored by the Peace and Security Workgroup of the Society for International Development-Washington Chapter. 

March 2020

The view from the computer of Paulette Moore, a former EMU visual and communication arts professor and one of the participants in a Dancing Resilience session led by Katie Mansfield.
  • CJP staff and faculty start working remotely and moving academic classes online due to COVID-19.
  • STAR provides three days of training for the George Washington Memorial Parkway.
  • The 25th Anniversary Celebration, planned for the summer, is postponed for a year. The new dates are June 4-6, 2021. Alicia Garza, John Paul Lederach and sujatha baliga are among the scheduled speakers who plan to attend.
  • Katie Mansfield launches the virtual community Dancing Resilience, through which participants all over the world meet via video conference multiple times a day to dance together. 
  • The Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice hosts a virtual book launch for The Little Book of Restorative Teaching Tools (Skyhorse Publishing, 2020), by Lindsey Pointer, Kathleen McGoey, and Haley Farrar.

April 2020

Cole Parke MA ’12 and Emmanuel Bombande MA ’02.

May 2020

Summer Peacebuilding Institute participants from the United Kingdom and Jamaica who were able to attend because of the virtual format. From left: Christine Broad, with the Church of England’s Diocese of Chester, United Kingdom; Dillion Sinclair, a primary school guidance counselor and also co-leader, with his wife Esther, of Waterloo Mennonite Church in Kingston, Jamaica; and Jenny Bridgman, also with the Diocese of Chester.

June 2020

Carolyn Yoder, who was co-founder of STAR, recently revised The Little Book of Trauma Healing. Here, she poses with some of the book’s various translations.

July 2020

Professor Johonna Turner’s chapter in Colorizing Restorative Justice: Voicing Our Realities, titled “Creating Safety for Ourselves,” details the formation and principles of the transformative justice and community accountability movement. (Photo by Jon Styer)
  • STAR trains campus ministry professionals at the National Association of Campus Ministers virtual conference.
  • An advisory group of STAR trainers and practitioners work with Katie Mansfield to recreate STAR for online delivery. The group includes Donna Minter, Crixell Shell, Ram Bhagat GC ’19, Lisa Collins, Meenakshi Chhabra, and Johonna Turner. Elaine Zook Barge MA ’03, Vernon Jantzi, and Carolyn Yoder provide additional input and insight.
  • STAR announces registration for STAR online.
  • Johonna Turner contributes a chapter to Colorizing Restorative Justice: Voicing Our Realities (Living Justice Press, 2020), a collection of 18 essays penned by practitioners and scholars of color.

August  2020