Gilberto Perez Jr.

Gilberto currently serves as an associate professor of social work at Goshen College, where he teaches the policy series courses and introduction to social work course.

He was recently appointed as a plan commission member in Goshen, Ind.

In 2012, Gilberto launched Bienvenido Community Solutions, LLC. This company works with community-based organizations, health centers, churches, correctional systems, and mental health centers in implementing the Bienvenido mental health promotion curriculum. Bienvenido Community Solutions also works at building bridges with immigrants and the host dominant culture. A recent initiative is bringing law enforcement and Latino immigrant congregations for trust-building and open conversation on community policing efforts. Finally, Bienvenido Community Solutions is working with Indiana University School of Medicine to conduct a research study on discrimination and mental health in Latino youth. Gilberto serves on the research team as a community consultant connecting researchers to local Latino residents and systems that work with Latino youth.

This profile was last updated March 23, 2014