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Library First Level Floorplan

First Floor

Items in the main collection with call numbers in the 370s (education), 400s (languages), 500s, 600s, 700s (sciences, technology, and the arts), Js (Juvenile collection), CUs and CKs (Curriculum collection), CDs and VKs (VHS video collection) are shelved on this floor.

Library Technology Classroom (LB 106) — This classroom is primarily for instructional use, but it is available as a student lab when not scheduled for classes.

Audiovisual Viewing Rooms — 4 small rooms with equipment to listen to CDs and view DVDs and videos are located along the west wall of first floor.

Information Systems User Services (Helpdesk) — Located around to your right at the bottom of the main stairs, the Helpdesk staff provides assistance for all technology resources on campus. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to use the many services available here, such as computer consulting, password support, laminating, passport photos, and various technologies available for checkout.

Curriculum materials — Student teachers use these resources to prepare for practice teaching assignments. Curriculum guides, textbooks, and support materials are shelved here. Remember that additional materials useful for curriculum development can be found in other areas of the library; consult the library catalog for more ideas, such as videotapes, DVDs, CDs, and other books.

Archives — The Archives contain the official papers of EMU as well as manuscripts and personal papers owned by EMU. Assistance is available by appointment.

Virginia Conference Archives — This Archives houses the records of Virginia Mennonite Conference and Eastern Mennonite High School, including the papers of congregations and church leaders. Assistance is available by appointment.

JAMAR Room — This classroom, located in the northeast corner of first floor, is used primarily by the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding. Access is only available from outside, not from the first floor of the library.

Emergency Exits — Three emergency exits are on the first (ground) floor: in the two outer corner stairwells, and through the double doors beside the elevator.