Library Facilities

Computer Use

There are 15 computers on the main floor and 6 on the third floor for use by library patrons.  Classroom LB-106 on the first floor is primarily for instructional use but is available as a student lab when it is not scheduled for classes. You may check the schedule on the main floor of the library. Wireless access is also available on all three floors. Use of the computers and wireless access requires your Royal username and password. Community patrons may obtain a guest pass by inquiring at the main desk.

Quiet Study Area

Please respect others’ rights by being quiet in the library. We recognize there is need for group study space as well as individual study space, but please respect others and keep your voices quiet. Take cell phone conversations to the foyer or outside.
We have designated the 3rd floor the Quiet Study Area, but due to classes, Academic Success tutoring and library work, the 3rd floor is not completely quiet during the weekdays between 8 am – 5 pm. If you need complete quiet, you may use the small study rooms on 1st floor on the back west wall.
During the evening hours and weekends, the 3rd floor is the Quiet Study Area.

Study Rooms

There are a number of small study rooms on 1st floor for use. Classrooms may  be used for group study in the evenings and weekends.

Other Departments 

The Library building houses two additional departments.

Academic Success Center provides peer-tutoring, assists with academic access and provides other services.

Information Systems Help Desk assists students with technology questions. 

Building Layout

Hartzler Library has three floors:

  • First Floor – Information Systems User Services (Helpdesk), Archives, Virginia Conference Archives,  back issues of print periodicals, Js (Juvenile collection), and CKs (curriculum kits).
  • Main (Second) Floor – Library entrance, 400s (languages), 500s, 600s, 700s (sciences, technology, and the arts), 800s (literature), 900s (geography and history), DVDs, and the current print periodical and newspaper collections.
  • Third Floor – Menno Simons Historical Library, Academic Success Center, 000s (generalities), 100s (philosophy and psychology), 200s (religion), 300s (social sciences).
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