Resources for Early Enrollment

Resources for Early Enrollment

EMU at Lancaster is pleased to announce a new reduced tuition rate for students attending one of our partner schools. Students will receive college credit for these courses. Concurrent high school credit may also be earned as determined by the high school guidance counselor.


1. Students should have successfully completed (B or better) at least some of the academically challenging coursework offered by their high school (i.e. AP courses).
2. The student’s high school advisor or, if home schooled, a parent or guardian must complete the Student Academic Eligibility Form. This form affirms that the student has demonstrated the intellectual ability and maturity to engage with and successfully complete a college level course. Submit this form to:

Registration for General Education Course Enrollment
3. The student must complete a registration form. No application fee is required. All course placements are subject to seat availability. If a course is full you will be placed on a waiting list.
4. When the student’s Student Academic Eligibility Form and registration form have been completed and submitted by the semester registration deadline, the high school student will be placed in an open section of a class. Students wishing to take more than one course are asked to wait until the drop/add period before enrolling in additional courses and will need to use our existing drop/add process.

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