MA in Education: Teaching English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language (ESL) 


Are you committed to improving educational opportunities for English language learners?

Allow your passions to thrive and share your gifts in your community in EMU's English as a Second Language certification program.

  • The 16-credit-hour graduate certificate program prepares teachers to work effectively in public K-12 schools with English language learners.

  • Candidates who hold a valid Pennsylvania Instructional Certificate and successfully complete the graduate certificate courses are eligible to be recommended for the PDE ESL certification.

  • The MA in Education, TESL Concentration program is 39 credits, 24 of these are with the ESL Concentration.


To apply to the Graduate Certificate in ESL or our Masters in Education, see the Admissions process outlined on this page

To see what courses within this program will be offered in the next semester, please visit our course schedule page here.

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