General Education at EMU Lancaster

General Education at EMU Lancaster


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SUMMER 2024 - Online Courses

SUMMER 1 (MAY 6 - August 16)


STAT 140 Elementary Statistics 3 Jason Martin, PhD

SUMMER 2 (May 6 - June 28)


LIT 230 Global Literature II: 1800-Present 3 Stephanie Grossnickle-Batterton, PhD
WRIT 160 Public Communication 3  Chris VanBuskirk, EdD

SUMMER 3 (July 1- August 16)


PSYC 101 General Psychology 3 Kate Coleman, MA
BIOL 161 Food and Population 3 Dan Daneker, EdD
CMUS 114 Appreciating Music Making 3 Joanne Abrom, MM

Course Descriptions


STAT 140: Elementary Statistics
This general education course provides an introduction to descriptive and inferential 
statistics. Topics include correlation, normal distributions, confidence intervals, and
hypothesis testing. Spreadsheets will be introduced and used throughout the course Guidance Counselor approval of mathematical competency required.
Credits: 3 in Mathematics

LIT 230: Global Literature II:1800-Present
Global Literatures II explores a selection of romantic, realist, modernist, post-modernist, and post-independence poetry, drama, fiction, and prose non-fiction. Although the course focuses in particular on the Anglophone tradition, readings also reflect the emergence of a global literary marketplace in the twentieth century and celebrate the contributions of various ethnic and minority writers. 
Credits: 3 in Literature

WRIT 160: Public Communication
This course addresses the principles and practices of effective oral communication. The course emphasizes rhetorical approaches for message design, presentation planning, arrangement, and delivery that are useful across settings. Students will learn to manage cross-cultural communication for effective business and workplace relations. Students will receive feedback from groups and one-on-one. 
Credits: 3 in Speech

PSYC 101: General Psychology
An introduction to the principles, language, methods and major topics of the science of behavior and mental life. Emphasizes exploration and application in the following areas of psychology: neuroscience, human consciousness, learning, memory, motivation, development, and abnormal behavior among others.
Credits: 3 in Social Science

BIOL 161: Food and Population
An examination of the biological and demographic aspects of the world food and population problems, including economic, political, ethical and theological contributions to the problems and solutions. Current international events that shape global food and population problems will
also be addressed. 
Credits: 3 in Cross Cultural or Natural Science

CMUS 114: Appreciating Music Making
Focusing on experiential learning, this class introduces music from the insider's perspective in order for students to explore creative processes involved in music making. Class content is organized topically, including notation systems, ensembles, composition, improvisation, music
philosophies, film music, and music and worship from both Western and nonWestern perspectives. Students will develop informed listening skills and cultivate an appreciation for the many contexts of music in our daily lives. Familiarity with music notation is not required
Credits: 3 in Creative Arts


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