Housing Options

Beginning in the 2024-2025 academic year, all students pursuing aviation at EMU have the option to rent housing near the Millersville University (MU) campus. This housing option allows aviation students to reside with their peers studying the same major and experience traditional undergraduate residential life in an apartment. *The EMU aviation student and SLI (Student Lodging, Inc.) will sign the rental agreement.

What are the Healthy Living Apartments, and where are they located?

At the Healthy Living Apartments, four-bedroom units accommodate one tenant per bedroom. Each unit comprises two full bathrooms, an eat-in kitchen, and spacious common living areas. 

The apartments are located on University Drive, Millersville, PA. It is adjacent to the MU campus. The drive is approximately 28 minutes to Aero-Tech Services, Inc., our flight partner, and a 20-minute drive to EMU at Lancaster. 

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the Healthy Living Apartments

What is the wellness agreement requirement for eligibility to live in these apartments?

Please note that as a tenant of the Healthy Living Apartments, the student must agree to the specific rules and regulations that apply to the Healthy Living Apartments. These are in addition to the general rules and regulations that apply to your lease agreement.

Specifically, the Wellness Housing Complex rules include:

  • Not using or having possession of any controlled substance.
  • No smoking or vaping of any substance(s) in the Premises or the Wellness Housing Complex.
  • Being responsible for notifying guests of this prohibition and will be responsible for payment of clean-up fees, including, but not limited to, removal of any cigarette litter found around the Premises and fumigation of the Premises to remove the smell.
  • Do not engage in binge drinking or become intoxicated. If younger than 21 years old, will not drink alcohol.
  • Not have containers of alcoholic beverages on the Premises or on the Wellness Housing Complex. For example, kegs and half kegs are not prohibited. If younger than 21 years old, will not possess alcohol in the Premises or the Wellness Housing complex.
  • Will respect the rights of tenants and guests.
  • Will ensure that guests are aware of the aforementioned rules and make sure that they adhere to them.
  • Endorse the concept of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Will conduct themself in a manner consistent with the concept of a healthy lifestyle.

Is there an additional cost to live at the Healthy Living Apartments?

Yes, the 2024-2025 rate for a four-bedroom apartment is $564 per tenant per month. The apartments are on 12-month residential leases, beginning in August. SLI will rent directly to the student. Tenants are responsible for electric, gas, and cable/internet utilities. Additional utility costs are estimated at between $90.00 and $110 per month. Parking is free. The units are unfurnished. 

Is there parking at the Wellness Housing Complex?

Yes, one parking pass will be issued free of charge for tenants only. We do have visitor parking; however, it is limited. Parking is available in well-lit parking lots. Emergency call boxes are situated throughout campus. Please note that students can only park on Millersville University's campus if they buy one of their parking passes.

Is there transportation to Aero-Tech Services, Inc. or EMU at Lancaster from Wellness Housing Complex and back again?

The student is responsible for their own transportation.

For additional information on this housing option and other housing options, contact our admissions coordinator. 

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