Program Details

Program Details

The Bachelor's degree in Leadership and Organizational Management (LOM) with an Aviation Concentration is a program that provides students with both flight credentials and leadership skills. It is tailored for those who aspire to become both successful pilots and leaders.

  • This four-year bachelor's degree program runs year-round for the first three years. Click here for the academic course schedule.
  • All courses are in-person except for seven online general education courses.
  • In the aviation industry, leadership is crucial. A pilot in command must prioritize safety, know regulations, communicate effectively, make critical decisions, and ensure safe operation in challenging situations. Our students earn the credentials and skills to become successful pilots and leaders.

Students will…

  • experience the benefits of small classes where the instructor knows your name.
  • learn within a cohort model, which means you start and finish with your peers, forming long-lasting connections and sharing memorable experiences.
  • experience the convenience of readily available Designated Pilot Examiners (DPEs).
  • connect to a dynamic and flourishing aviation community located in the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • have the opportunity to participate in monthly aviation student activities and events designed to build community with their peers.
  • learn from exceptional faculty who come to us from successful careers in commercial, military, and government aviation.

Professional Licensure Disclosure 

The Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) academic program listed below is designed to prepare students for a career in a licensed profession upon completion of the program. A professional license is typically required for graduates of this program to practice and/or gain employment in this field. If you are considering applying to this program and plan to be licensed outside of Virginia, please read the following  information regarding educational requirements for professional licensure in the U.S. states, commonwealths, and territories.

Flight Education Program Certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) shows how the provider meets the academic and regulatory requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations. The criteria approved by the FAA include curriculum content, training facilities, training equipment, and instructor qualifications. To meet the curriculum requirements for the FAA, standards have been established for each flight certificate offered by EMU.  These standards must be met before the students can be eligible to take FAA Oral/Practical tests, also known as check rides. Flight fees are assessed at hourly rates and are reviewed for possible adjustment at least annually. Prices do not include costs of FAA Knowledge test fees and check ride examiner fees. These costs are paid directly to individuals or companies that are independent of EMU. To make flight training more accessible, flight fees are charged to the student by EMU, enabling the student to apply for grants and loans on this significant portion of their program expenses. EMU is then invoiced by the flight training provider, Aero-Tech Services, Inc., for these flight fees.

This training leads to examination for federal certification as a Commercial Pilot. This credential is required by the FAA to pilot U.S. registered aircraft as a professional crew member.

EMU’s  Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Organizational Management with Aviation Concentration program is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration as an Aviation Science under 14 CFR Part 141.

The Program meets requirements and qualifies graduates to sit for licensure exam in all 50 states.


Our non-profit status means that we affirm our responsibility to provide affordable access to higher education with reasonable tuition costs and minimal fees, allowing more students to earn their degree and in turn, benefit our community for the greater good.

  • See our low tuition and fees
  • This program is eligible for Title IV federal financial aid. 


See our list of local, regional and national scholarships. Deadlines are subject to change, so be sure to research current dates and requirements.

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