A & P Curriculum
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What You'll Learn!

Here are some of the subjects and skills you’ll acquire:

General Maintenance Subjects

  • basic electricity
  • aircraft drawings
  • weight and balance
  • ground operation and servicing
  • cleaning and corrosion control
  • maintenance forms and records

Airframe Structures

  • aircraft finishes
  • sheet metal structures
  • assembly and rigging
  • airframe inspection

Airframe Systems and Components

  • aircraft landing gear systems
  • aircraft environmental systems
  • aircraft instrument systems
  • communication and navigation systems
  • aircraft fuel systems
  • aircraft electrical systems

Powerplant Theory and Maintenance

  • reciprocating engines
  • turbine engines
  • engine inspection

Powerplant Systems and Components

  • engine instrument systems
  • engine electrical systems
  • ignition and starting systems
  • fuel metering systems
  • propellers
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