South Korea – May 4-25, 2013

Come explore what it means to think, speak, and be Korean. This three week program will provide an introduction to the history, culture, religion, language and social realities of the Republic of Korea.

We will learn about the current and historical relationship between North and South Korea, engage in Korean language study, and spend time with different groups of Korean students and young people. We will learn about different religious movements and take a specific look at the growing Anabaptist church in Korea, through visits to the Korean Anabaptist Center (KAC) and by attending worship with an Anabaptist/Mennonite congregation.

The first week of the study tour will be spent in Seoul, South Korea visiting cultural centers and studying the Korean language. From there the group will explore history and culture traveling around the country, including the ancient capital of Kyung Ju, intentional communities and the Seorak Mountains. The final week of the program will be spent in the city of Chuncheon, where students will attend Korean cultural courses at Hallym University and experience worship with the Jesus Village Mennonite Church. Our time will include opportunities to interact with Korean university students and young adults in the community in various settings as we try to understand their context.


Seminar Leaders: Gloria Rhodes, Dept. of Applied Social Sciences
Estimated Cost: $5,000

Course Information
CCSSC 201 Cross-cultural Social Science 3 SH


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