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Life on Campus for Students from Another Nation

International student orientation

Orientation is an exciting time on campus! The international student services director will coordinate your orientation and begin with a special hello to all international students. Learn more…


Black Student Union Chapel


Clubs on campus

EMU offers an array of student clubs and organizations. Clubs are generally student led with a faculty advisor and include activities as diverse as working on the yearbook, cycling club, and joining the women’s association. Learn more…

Third-culture kids

Third culture kids” (TCK) are global nomads who grew up in a culture other than their parents, and who often do not feel as if they have a culture of their own. Many TCKs feel at home anywhere, while others struggle to find a sense of home. Learn more…

Services for international students

EMU provides a variety of different services to help international students become acclimated to life in the United States. The majority of EMU faculty have lived and worked internationally long-term. We know what it is like to adapt to a new culture, climate and environment and want to make the transition as smooth as possible for you. Learn more…

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