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EMU Authors' Reception 2021

EMU's annual Authors' Reception celebrates the scholarly accomplishments of faculty and staff (and sometimes students) who have had work published in the past year or two. In lieu of the traditional tables with flowers, photos, and a display of published works, we offer this virtual display to recognize our authors in 2021.

Muhammad Akram Graduate Student, Organizational Leadership

Muhammad Akram, Graduate Student, Conflict Transformation

Misuse of charitable giving to finance violent extremism: A futuristic actions study amidst COVID-19 pandemic,” written with Asim Nasar and Abid Rehman. Social Sciences and Humanities Open. 2021.

Socioeconomic determinants of caste-based endogamy: A qualitative study,” written with Muhammad Rizwan Safdar, Falak Sher, and Abid Rahman. Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Studies. 2021.  

Restorative justice approach to cow vigilante violence in India,” written with Asim Nasar, Muhammad Rizwan Safdar, and Falak Sher. Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Studies. 2020.  

Pashtuns and Pakistan army: A proposal for equitable collaboration.” Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review. 2020. 

Extremist narratives of political Islam in Pakistan in/after 1980s.” Pakistan Social Sciences Review. 2020.

Benjamin Bergey

Benjamin Bergey, Assistant Professor of Music

Voices Together, edited by Adam Tice (text editor) Benjamin Bergey (music editor), and Bradley Kauffman (general editor). Mennomedia. 2020.

Voices Together: Accompaniment Edition, edited and compiled by Benjamin Bergey. MennoMedia. 2020.

Drick Boyd

Drick Boyd, Graduate Student, Restorative Justice

Disrupting Whiteness: Talking with White People About RacismArch Street Press, 2021.

Jeff Copeland

Jeffrey Copeland, Associate Professor of Biology

"RING finger protein (RNF11) modulates dopamine release in Drosophila," written with Eve Privman Champaloux, Nathan Donelson, Poojan Pyakurel, Danielle Wolin, Leah Ostendorf, Madelaine Denno, Ryan Borman, Chris Burke, Jonah C. Short-Miller, Maria R. Yoder, Subhabrata Sanyal, and B. Jill Venton. Neuroscience. 2021.

"Real-time measurements of stimulated dopamine release in compartments of the adult Drosophila melanogaster mushroom body," written with Mimi Shin and B. Jill Venton. Analytical Chemistry. 2020.

Kathy Evans

Katherine R. Evans, Associate Professor of Education

"Narratives from the Closet: Stories of LGBTQIAP Youth," written with K. Myers. Children, Youth and Environments. 2020. 

"The starts and stumbles of restorative justice in education: Where do we go from here?" written with Anne Gregory. National Educational Policy Center. 2020.

"White privilege and restorative justice—how critical theory can challenge implicit bias in restorative justice processes in school settings" in Listening to the movement: Essays on new growth and new challenges in restorative justice. Written with D. Vaandering & B. Morrison. Edited by T. Lewis. Wipf & Stock Publishers. 2019.

Doug Graber Neufeld

Doug Graber Neufeld, Professor of Biology

Assessment of water presence and use at sand dams in Kenya,” written with Joseph Muli, Bernard Muendo, and James Kanyari. Journal of Arid Environments. 2021.


Coliform bacteria and salt content as drinking water challenges at sand dams in Kenya,” written with Bernard Muendo, Joseph Muli and James Kanyari. Journal of Water and Health. August 2020.


Carol Hurst

Carol Grace Hurst, Associate Professor of Social Work

"Reckoning with hate: Faithful routes away from the Charlottesville rally." Social Work & Christianity. 2020. 

Mark Metzler Sawin

Mark Metzler Sawin, Professor of History

The Black Avenger of the Spanish Main by Ned Buntline. Mark Metzler Sawin, Editor. Emu Editions, 2021. 


Kevin Seidel

Kevin Seidel, Associate Professor of English

Rethinking the Secular Origins of the Novel: The Bible in English Fiction 1678–1767. Cambridge University Press. 2021.

Mary Sprunger

Mary S. Sprunger, Professor of History

"From Communalism to Capitalism: Mennonites and Money in the Early Dutch Republic." Revue de l'histoire des religions. 2020.

Andrew Suderman

Andrew Suderman, Professor of Bible, Religion, & Theology

“Journeying Towards Reconciliation: Reflections on South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and lessons for Canada in its post-TRC era.” Anabaptist Witness. Nov. 2020.

Karen Suderman

Karen Suderman, Director, Intensive English Program

"Hospitality as Revolutionary In-Subordination in South Africa" in Liberating the Politics of Jesus: Renewing Peace Theology Through the Wisdom of Women, edited by Elizabeth Soto Albrecht and Darryl Stephens. T&T Clark. 2020.

Dorothy Jean Weaver

Dorothy Jean Weaver, Professor Emerita of New Testament

“‘Competent in the Basic Skills of Inductive Bible Study’: A Case Study on the Use of Inductive Biblical Studies at Eastern Mennonite Seminary,” in Method in Teaching Inductive Bible Study—A Practitioner’s Handbook: Essays in Honor of Robert A. Traina. Edited by Frederick J. Long David R. Bauer. GlossaHouse. 2019. 

“'Do You Hear What These Are Saying?' (Mt 21:16): Children and Their Role within Matthew’s Narrative.” HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies. 2019. 

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