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EMU Authors' Reception 2020

EMU's annual Authors' Reception celebrates the scholarly accomplishments of faculty and staff who have had work published in the past year or two. In lieu of the traditional tables with flowers, photos, and a display of published works, we offer this virtual display to recognize our authors in 2020.

David Brubaker

David Brubaker, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Professions

When the Center Does Not Hold: Leading in an Age of Polarization, with contributors Everett Brubaker, Carolyn Yoder, and Teresa Haas. Fortress Press. 2019. 

Peter Dula

Peter Dula, Department Chair and Professor of Bible, Religion, & Theology

“Anabaptist Environmental Ethics: A Review Essay.” Mennonite Quarterly Review. 2020.

Shannon Dycus

Shannon Dycus, Dean of Students

Every Time I Feel the Spirit. Herald Press. 2019.

Martha Eads

Martha Eads, Professor of English

“Robert Morgan's Gap Creek at Twenty.” The Cresset. 2019.

David Evans

David Evans, Professor of History & Mission

“Trading Manpower for the Power of Love,” in Peaceful at Heart: Embracing Healthy Masculinity, edited by Don Neufeld and Steve Thomas. Wipf & Stock Publishers. 2019. 

Ryan Good

Ryan Good, Assistant Professor of Urban Studies

“Neighborhood schools and community development: Revealing the intersections through the Philadelphia school closure debate.” Journal of Planning Education and Research. 2019.

“Parental action and neoliberal education reform: Crafting a research agenda,” written with Julia Sass Rubin & Michelle Fine. Journal of Urban Affairs. 2019.

“With a little help from our friends: Private fundraising and public schools in Philadelphia,” written with Katharine L. Nelson. Journal of Education Policy.  2020.

Carol Hurst

Carol Hurst, Professor of Applied Social Sciences

“Reckoning with hate: Faithful routes away from the Charlottesville rally.” Social Work & Christianity. 2020.

“Committing to breastfeeding in social work,” written with R. Reno and T. Lefmann. Social Work. 2018. 

Leah Kratz

Leah Kratz, Professor of Business

Financial Accounting, 3rd edition, written with J. Hoyle and C. J. Skender. FlatWorld. 2019. 

Mark Metzler Sawin

Mark Metzler Sawin, Department Chair and Professor of History

"The Lynching and Rebirth of Ned Buntline: Rogue Authorship during the American Literary Renaissance." Text Matters9, No. 9. 2019.

Ned Buntline, The Volunteer; or, The Maid of Monterey (1847). Edited by Mark Metzler Sawin. Emu Editions. 2020.

Andrea Saner

Andrea Saner, Professor of Old Testament & Hebrew Language

"Scripture and the Nicene Gift." The Conrad Grebel Review 37, no. 2. 2019.

Timothy Seidel

Timothy Seidel, Professor of Applied Social Sciences, Peacebuilding and Development


Special Issue: “Escaping the Nation? Anticolonial Imaginaries and Postcolonial Settlements,” co-edited with Alina Sajed. Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies. 2019.   
“Introduction: Escaping the Nation? National Consciousness and the Horizons of Decolonization,” written with Alina Sajed. Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies. 2019.  
“Neoliberal Developments, National Consciousness, and Political Economies of Resistance in Palestine.” Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies. 2019. 

Daniel Showalter

Daniel Showalter, Professor of Mathematics

“Replacing torture tests with broccoli quizzes.” Journal for Research and Practice in College Teaching [Special issue: Innovative teaching personal essays]. 2019

“Why Rural Matters, 2018-2019: The time is now,” written with R. Klein, J. Johnson, and S.L. Johnson. The Rural School and Community Trust. 2019.

Cathy Smeltzer Erb

Cathy Smeltzer Erb, Professor of Teacher Education

“A journey of the self: ‘Be’ who you are.” in The Dignity of the Calling: Educators Share the Beginnings of Their Journeys, edited by Andrew Kemp. Information Age Publishing, Inc. 2019.

Esther Stenson

Esther Stenson, adjunct faculty in the Intensive English Program

Showing Up. Finishing Line Press. 2020.

Andrew Suderman

Andrew Suderman, Professor of Bible, Religion, & Theology

“Believers’ Church and the (Counter) Political: The Promise of Anabaptist Ecclesiology in the South African Context.” The Mennonite Quarterly Review. 2018.

Esther Tian

Esther Tian, Professor of Engineering

“Would it naturally happen? – faith and engineering integration at a Christian University.” Proceedings of the 2019 Christian Engineering Conference. 2019. 

Dorothy Jean Weaver

Dorothy Jean Weaver, Professor of New Testament

“‘Competent in the Basic Skills of Inductive Bible Study’: A Case Study on the Use of Inductive Biblical Studies at Eastern Mennonite Seminary.” Method in Teaching Inductive Bible Study—A Practitioner’s Handbook: Essays in Honor of Robert A. Traina. 2019.

“‘Do You Hear What These Are Saying?’ (Mt 21:16): Children and Their Role within Matthew’s Narrative.” HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies 75. 2019.

Paul J. Yoder

Paul Yoder, Professor of Education

“Finding Dewey and the C3 Framework: Lessons from a government unit on local history,” written with Robert Cook. The Oregon Journal of the Social Studies. 2019.

 “Teaching social studies to English language learners: Current research, theories, and pedagogical practices,” written with A. T. Jaffee, in Handbook of TESOL in K-12. John Wiley & Sons. 2019.

“Survey of Mennonite Schools Council educators: Final report,” written with P. D. Wiens and A. Hightower. 2019.

“Restorative justice in Mennonite schools,” written with P. Wiens. The Mennonite. 2020.

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