University Colloquium Series

“Rock. Lichen. Forest: Representing Biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest” – Steven Johnson

& University Colloquium Series.

Associate professor Steven Johnson, gives a presentation on his 12-13 sabbatical entitled “Rock. Lichen. Forest: Representing Biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest.”

“Reporting Public Pension Liabilities: What Every Citizen Ought to Know” – Dr. Ron Stoltzfus

& Faculty/Staff Speakers, University Colloquium Series.

Dr. Ron Stoltzfus offers a presentation on his 12-13 sabbatical, entitled “Reporting Public Pension Liabilities: What Every Citizen Ought to Know.” He has been part of the EMU department of business and economics since 1984.

“The Role of Music in Peace and Conflict” – Dr. Joan Griffing

& Faculty/Staff Conference, University Colloquium Series.

Dr.  Joan Griffing offers a presentation on her 12-13 sabbatical entitled, “The role of Music in Peace and Conflict.” Griffing chairs EMU’s Music Department where she teaches violin and viola, coaches chamber music and conducts the EMU orchestra.

“Three Big Bangs: Matter-Energy, Life, Mind” – Dr. Holmes Rolston

& University Colloquium Series.

Dr. Holmes Rolston, university distinguished professor of philosophy at Colorado State University,offers a presentation on “Three Big Bangs: Matter-Energy, Life, Mind.” This colloquium is co-sponsored by SASS and the Intellectual Life committee. Dr Rolston has written seven books, acclaimed in critical notice in both professional journals and the national press.

“The Idolatry of God” – Peter Rollins

& University Colloquium Series.

Dr. Peter Rollins presents at the September university colloquium on “The Idolatry of God.” Dr.  Rollins, a widely traveled and prominent emerging church theologian and philosopher, hails from Ireland. His current speaking engagements focus on the theme: To believe is human; to doubt divine. He is the author of numerous books, most recently The… Read more »

“Prophetic Witness and Faith Action” – Tevyn East

& University Colloquium Series.

Tevyn East presents “Prophetic Witness and Faith Action,” an unusual and intriguing University Colloquium. This event, together with  a one-person performance in the evening, contributes to this year’s campus theme of “Creativity in the University” while also stimulating conversation around our QEP theme of “Peace with Creation.” Tevyn East’s performance of “Leaps and Bounds” has… Read more »

“Truth Lies in Plural” – Lori Leaman and Judy Mullet

& Faculty/Staff Speakers, University Colloquium Series.

Dr. Lori Leaman, associate professor of teacher education and Dr. Judy Mullet, professor of psychology and education, offer a presentation on their 2011-12 combined sabbatical experience. What would a joint-writing sabbatical, pairing profs across disciplines and generations, look like? July and Lori lived such a sabbatical semester. Judy and Lori share their story of… Read more »

“Plain and Frum: The Amish and Hasidim Compared as Folk Groups” – Simon Bronner

& University Colloquium Series.

Dr. Simon J. Bronner, distinguished university professor of American studies and Folklore at Penn State University, offers the January 2013 colloquium presentation. Dr. Bronner is an American folklorist, ethnologist, historian, educator and author. Dr. Bronner’s personal website includes links to his blog and other information.

“Pickups: A love story” – Howard Zehr, Mark Metzler-Sawin

& Faculty/Staff Speakers, University Colloquium Series.

Howard Zehr, professor of restorative justice,  and Mark Metzler-Sawin, professor of history, offer a presentation on “Pickups: A love story.”

“Buddhism and Cognitive-Scientific Research” – Daniel Arnold

& University Colloquium Series.

Dr. Daniel Arnold, associate professor of the Philosophy of Religions in the University of Chicago Divinity School, presents the October colloquium presentation entitled “Buddhism and Cognitive-Scientific Research: Some Lessons for Religious Studies.” Dr. Arnold is a scholar of Indian Buddhist philosophy which he engages in a constructive and comparative way.