University Colloquium: Cathy Smeltzer Erb

Embedding Restorative Justice Pedagogy in K-12 Instructional Practice
Embedding Restorative Justice Pedagogy in K-12 Instructional Practice is the result of a research study that draws upon a framework of restorative justice in education pedagogy, developed in collaboration with Dr. Kathy Evans. The framework examines the intersection between three components of restorative justice (nurture healthy relationships, repair harm and transform conflict, and create just and equitable learning environments) and common instructional dimensions (content, learning experiences, assessment and evaluation, social-emotional environment, and physical environment). The findings of the study feature the pedagogical practices applied by K-12 educators within a restorative justice in education framework. 

Dr. Cathy Smeltzer Erb is Professor of Teacher Education at EMU, Director of the Academic Success Center, and Co-director of the Center for Teaching and Learning. Previously she served as Director of Undergraduate Teacher Education for 16 years. Cathy’s lifelong passion of all things teaching and learning has been nurtured through undergraduate years at EMU, M.Ed. and PhD. programs at the University of Toronto, teaching middle and high school in Ontario, Canada, and now in higher education. Cathy’s passion resides in pedagogical practice –influencing teachers toward equitable and inclusive practices that engage all learners.