Chapel Gathering: Seminary

Join us for a Thanksgiving-themed chapel service led by the Seminary Community Council. Steve Pardini, seminary senior, will offer the message “Giving Thanks” based on Colossians 3:12-16.  Seminary students, Furst Jenkins, Kimberly Shenk, Ezrionna Prioleau, and Barbara Bowman will also be leading us. Music will be provided by Perry Blosser and Caleb Schrock-Hurst.

University Colloquium: Jenni Holsinger

This seminar will be presented in person, and also livestreamed on EMU’s Facebook Live page. Ruralism and Resistance: Environmental Concern Among Mennonites in the U.S. Jennifer Holsinger, Associate Professor of Sociology at Eastern Mennonite University The case of Mennonites offers an opportunity to examine the intersection between rurality, religion and environmental perspectives. Drawing from her sabbatical....

Campus Worship: Justice/Mercy Reflection

Join Faith and Spiritual Life Affiliates to hear their reflections on themes in the EMU Common Read, Just Mercy.  Come to hear scripture and reflections on times when they’ve experienced someone treated unjustly and times when mercy was needed as a restorative action. Focuses will be on racial injustice, criminal justice, brokenness in communities, etc.  Let’s....

Chapel Gathering: Seminary – Sarah Nahar

MLK & the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Come hear Sarah Nahar, a scholar-activist from the Potowatomi traditional land, Elkhart, IN.  A Rotary Peace Fellow (Thailand), 2018 Generations Fellow at MLK Jr Center for Nonviolent Social Change (Georgia), received her MDiv from AMBS, did MCC work in Jerusalem, and has participated in feminist anti-war movements.