2017 Baccalaureate

EMU celebrates the University’s 99th Annual Commencement in this Baccalaureate Service. Deanna Durham, assistant professor of social work, addresses the graduates with her speech titled “Speaking of Eating”.  Senior class co-presidents Tyler Denlinger and Madelyn Gish offer Senior Class Salutations.

Cross-cultural Chapel: The Middle East

The returning Spring 2017 Middle East Cross-cultural group shares reflections and adventures from their experiences in the Middle East this semester.

Cross-cultural Chapel: Guatemala & Colombia

The returning Spring 2017 Guatemala & Colombia Cross-cultural group shares reflections and adventures from their experiences in Guatemala and Colombia this semester.

Student Recognition Chapel

University Chapel Gathering emphasizes the university’s vision of being a Learning Community as faculty and staff in several departments celebrate significant achievements of students during the Spring semester.

“From there to here….Sharing the stories, Celebrating the gifts”

From there to here…. Sharing the stories, Celebrating the gifts …and to honor Michael King

“Memory of Water” – Emmi Itaranta

Emmi Itaranta, author of EMU 16-17 common read book, “Memory of Water”, shares a presentation on the book.

Senior Chapel: Reflections on Faith Formation at EMU

How has your faith changed, grown or deepened while in college? What have been the sources of your faith formation in your college years? In what ways has your faith been challenged while in college and how have you navigated that? How do you expect your faith will inform/guide your future endeavors? Gather with....

“EMS Road Experience” – Kevin Poeckert

“EMS Road Experience” Kevin Poeckert, EMS Preaching class student

Holy Week Chapel: “Alfombra” – Latino Student Alliance

The community gathered around the alfombra created by the Latino Student Alliance engaging themes of acceptance, goodness, and grace with the alfombra as a visual invitation for prayer and reflection.

“My Words” (Josh Dalton) and “The Bride of Christ” (Kam Stabler)

“My Words” (Ezekiel 2) Josh Dalton, EMS Preaching Student; “The Bride of Christ” (Song of Solomon 2:8-17, Hosea 1:2-3) Kam Stabler, EMS Preaching Student