January 2018

“Ministry Inquiry Program” – Elizabeth Witmer, Maddie List, Caleb Schrock-Hurst

& Student Speakers, University Chapels.

Hear reflections from Elizabeth Witmer, Maddie List, and Caleb Schrock-Hurst, about exploring ministry this past summer with the Ministry Inquiry Program. What might exploring ministry look like for you? Elizabeth Witmer, a junior social work major, was at Faith Mennonite Church in Minneapolis. In addition to leading worship, visiting a terminally ill church member, preaching, planning and attending actions and… Read more »

“Many Parts, One Body: Can this really be true of today’s church?” – Ervin Stutzman

& Many Parts One Body, University Chapels.

The Apostle Paul’s “body” metaphor of the church is as daunting as it is inspiring. Did he really expect his readers to act as though it were “true”? This message will invite you to look at the challenges to living out this Scriptural aspiration for the church. How might EMU approach the call to Christian… Read more »

“Repairers of the Breach: Earth Justice, Everyday Heroes, and the Poor People’s Campaign” – Todd Wynward

& Creation Care, University Chapels.

  Join Todd Wynward to explore “Repairers of the Breach: Earth Justice, Everyday Heroes, and the Poor People’s Campaign” linking the ancient prophetic words of Isaiah with the Rev. William Barber’s “Poor People’s Campaign: a National Call for Moral Revival,” set to sweep the country in 2018. Fifty years after MLK was assassinated, Barber and countless others across… Read more »

“Bridges Crossed, Lessons Learned: My Journey in Leadership” – Iris de León-Hartshorn

& Seminary.

This podcast is from the opening worship and keynote session of Eastern Mennonite Seminary‘s 2018 School for Leadership Training. Iris de León-Hartshorn has worked within the Mennonite Church in various roles since 1996, serving as a leader in racial and gender justice in the church. She is currently director of transformative peacemaking for Mennonite Church… Read more »