Opening Convocation and Worship

Join President Susan Schultz Huxman to launch spring semester with the theme Finding Healing & Hope in Crisis and a convocation address titled, The Call of the Magi: Find a New Path. Provost Fred Kniss offers a welcome and reflections on the setting of the day, including the presidential inauguration, featuring the Washington Community Scholars Center from Washington D.C.

Chapel Gathering: Seminary

Chapel will include brief reflections by Seminary Dean Sue Cockley and Seminary Associate Dean Nancy Heisey. We will also have a time of guided prayer for victims of the pandemic and for the unrest in our country and safety for the inauguration. 

Fall Student Recognition Ceremony

Prepare for a fun time as we playfully recognize students who have remained ENGAGED and provided LEADERSHIP in the midst of this most unique semester! Our hosts are Tyler Goss and Emily Powell, along with other faculty and staff, unveiling and honoring undergraduate and graduate students as well as student organizations/clubs/groups that have been nominated for these awards:     Amazing Leadership –....

Campus Worship for prayerful reflection

It’s the morning after the presidential election. Where are we now? What do you need and what do we need together? Gather for prayerful reflection drawing from the wisdom of several area spiritual directors offering reflections on holding space for prayerful awareness. Campus Pastors Kevin Clark and Brian Martin Burkholder will lead a litany of truth-telling with....

University Colloquium – Rick Shenkman

Why is Democracy so @#$&! Hard?Rick ShenkmanHistorian, Author, Investigative ReporterGeorge Washington University’s History News Network In the 1940s, six in ten Americans hadn’t gone past the eighth grade. Today a majority have attended college.  But surveys show that Americans today are no better educated about politics.  A majority don’t even know that we have three branches....