University Colloquium: Jenni Holsinger

This seminar will be presented in person, and also livestreamed on EMU’s Facebook Live page.

Ruralism and Resistance: Environmental Concern Among Mennonites in the U.S.

Jennifer Holsinger, Associate Professor of Sociology at Eastern Mennonite University

The case of Mennonites offers an opportunity to examine the intersection between rurality, religion and environmental perspectives. Drawing from her sabbatical project, Jenni will apply a framework of religious environmental movements to data from a national survey of Mennonites. She will explore the roles of individual and place characteristics on the predominant environmental discourses of a religious group that is often overlooked in the sociological literature.  

Jenni Holsinger is Associate Professor of Sociology at Eastern Mennonite University. She completed her graduate studies at the University of Washington and her undergraduate degree at Seattle Pacific University. Her research interests include the ways that the intersection between race and place is informed by dynamics of environmental injustice and experienced differently by groups according to ethnic heritage and migrant status. Jenni enjoys travelling and playing disc golf with her husband and two teenage sons.