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Gain experience with vocational development, group living, and coursework on urban topics in the cross-cultural context of Washington, DC!

Vocational Development: internships for any major

Work part-time at a meaningful internship in any major, including the sciences, the arts, and pre-professional programs. Explore a job field that interests you while contributing to the community. Internship locations include congressional offices, grassroots organizations, for-profit companies, news outlets, museums, schools, health clinics, and more. DC is the unofficial “internship capital of the United States,” so WCSC students often work alongside other students, making connections and developing friendships that often last a lifetime.

Top recent internships in D.C.

Community living in an urban culture

Students live in a house with up to 14 other WCSC students. Through sharing meals and household responsibilities as well as exploring the city and engaging in classes together, students come to know one another and themselves in surprising ways. The WCSC house, located in the residential Brookland neighborhood is easily accessible by Metro rail and bus.

Weekly seminar classes

WCSC’s weekly seminar classes focus on social problems, faith issues and urban experiences through reading and writing, the arts, field trips, and group discussion. Guest speakers, internship visits, and history and arts tours are included.

Students may also take a course at a local university, with priority given to those who need the credits to meet graduation requirements.

Local university options:

Urban cross-cultural context

Earn cross-cultural credit through immersing yourself into the urban environment of Washington, DC. Build your intercultural communication skills through your internship and as you explore the city and its neighborhoods. Discover the unique and colorful restaurants, parks, museums, performances, and people that make this city rich and surprising. Have an urban adventure with WCSC!

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